Md. Rafiqul Islam, Upazila Education Officer, Sreemangal visited the ALOY-ALOW project activities. At first, he visited the Digdigia ECD center at Lakhaicherra TG. In the ECD center, he observed the ECD learners’ activities and the facilitation process of the ECD facilitator. After that UEO Md. Rafiqul Islam goes to Kadomtola ECD center at Kejuricherra TG. In this ECD center, he observed the Learner’s performance, the Facilitation process of the ECD facilitator, and Discussion with the parents of the learners. UEO discussed with the IDEA ALOY-ALOW project Co-ordinator and Project officer the different ECD documents and materials such as the Parenting session manual, Nutrition Demonstration session flipchart, Lerner’s tracking process, community contributions, ECD learners’ dress, and ECD playground. Md Rafiqul Islam said that my observation is parents are realizing the benefits of the ECD Center and they observed the children’s progress. He appreciates the learner’s performance both in group and individual activities.

Md. Rafiqul Islam wrote his opinion on the ECD visiting register:

“Today 5th February 2024 I visited the Kodomtole ECD center under Kejuricherra TG. During the visiting time, ECD Facilitator Moni Banerjee has to conduct the session when I enter the ECD center. A total number of 20 Learners are present in the session and all learners have their particular ECD dress that looks beautiful. All learners were more vibrant and enjoyed the session. The overall functioning of the center is good and I wish success the center“
Then Md. Rafiqul Islam visited the PPE and PS-related activities. He observed the PPE class activities where he tried to find out the difference between ECD learners and non-ECD learners’ performance. The ALOY-ALOW project GPS model library facilities play the most important role in the quality of education. Md. Rafiqul Islam visited the IDEA ALOY-ALOW project Model library activities and discussed with the students the model library-related activities. He appreciated the practice of students’ book review note activity and said that it would increase their reading and writing knowledge.
Finally Md. Rafiqul Islam visited an ECD center named ECD center, Razghat TG Hospital.