Message From Executive Director

Since beginning of the year 2022, we had experienced a number of challenges. Global pandemic and a devastating flash food in Sylhet forced us to reduce our development activities for few weeks and months. We found out the mitigating efforts of people to cope of calamities.

Thanks to our development partners for their generous supporters with those we have been able to provide essential support services to those in need especially for the flash flood affected people in Sylhet Division. We have provided food, shelter, medical care, WASH and educational support to those who may have otherwise gone without. We have also been able to help our local economy though creating jobs opportunities.

The success of our organization is due to the hard work and dedication of our staffs, volunteers, and development partners. Without their passion and dedication, none of this would be possible.

Thanks goes to our development partners, patron as well as relevant departments of GOB for their generous support to our organization. We are confident that together we can help make a better world for people to be able live with full of their dignity.


Nazmul Haque

Executive Director, IDEA