What IDEA Do

Health And Wash

IDEA working in the Health and WASH sectors in Bangladesh offer a range of work opportunities for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on public health, water access, and sanitation.

  1. Healthcare Professionals: IDEA often hire doctors, nurses, midwives, and other medical professionals to provide healthcare services, conduct health awareness campaigns, and deliver maternal and child health services in rural and underserved areas.

  2. Health Educators and Promoters: These professionals are responsible for conducting health education sessions, workshops, and awareness programs to educate communities about hygiene practices, disease prevention, nutrition, and family planning.

  3. Public Health Specialists: Public health experts work on designing and implementing health programs, conducting research, analyzing health data, and developing strategies to improve community health outcomes.

  4. WASH Specialists: As a NGO, IDEA is expert in water, sanitation, and hygiene to design and implement WASH projects, assess water quality, develop sanitation facilities, and promote safe hygiene practices.

  5. Project Managers: Project managers oversee the planning, implementation, and monitoring of health and WASH projects. They ensure that projects are executed effectively, meet their goals, and stay within budget.

  6. Community Mobilizers: These individuals work closely with communities to raise awareness about health and WASH issues, facilitate behavior change, and ensure the active participation of community members in project activities.

  7. Research and Data Analysts: These roles involve collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data related to health and WASH indicators, which help IDEA to make informed decisions and track project progress.

  8. Communication and Advocacy Specialists: IDEA appoint professionals who can effectively communicate the importance of health and WASH initiatives to stakeholders, including communities, donors, and government agencies.

  9. Monitoring and Evaluation Officers: These professionals are responsible for assessing the impact of health and WASH projects, tracking indicators, and providing insights to improve program effectiveness.

  10. Logistics and Supply Chain Managers: Ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of medical supplies, equipment, and sanitation materials to project sites is crucial, making logistics experts essential.

  11. Administrative and Finance Roles: IDEA also appoint individuals to manage administrative tasks, handle finances, and ensure that resources are allocated appropriately for health and WASH projects.

  12. Capacity Building Trainers: These trainers provide skill development and training sessions to local community members, healthcare workers, and volunteers to enhance their capacity in delivering health and WASH services.

  13. Gender and Inclusion Specialists: These professionals ensure that health and WASH programs are designed inclusively, taking into account the needs of different genders and marginalized groups.

  14. Behavior Change Communication Specialists: These specialists develop communication strategies and campaigns to promote positive behavior changes related to hygiene, health, and water use.