Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan (Campaign for Good Governance)

Networking Issue 

At present, SUPRO works closely with 600 local NGOs and CSOs in 45 districts. As a national network of grassroots-level NGOs in Bangladesh, SUPRO has formulated a strategic plan to enable pro-poor policy change focusing on areas where grassroots NGOs can effectively act on to uphold the rights of the marginalized people on the basis of the approach of Rights to Development. SUPRO supports grassroots NGOs and local level civil society groups to build their capacity so that they can raise their voice against any process of marginalization and exclusion.

Role of IDEA as Networking Member

  • To organize  seminars/consultations at district level;
  • To raise voice in favor of grass roots people;
  • Coordinating the overall process in accordance with the agreed work plan along with concept note;
  • To carry out campaign activities at district level to mobilize grass roots people.