Social Engagement for Budgetary Accountability.


  1. To institute Union Parishad Act, 2009 and Right to Information Act 2009 by ensuring free flow of information and increased budgetary transparency of Union Parishads.
  2. To make participatory planning, budgeting and using Union Parishad fund ensuring accountability to the people by the representatives.
  3. To ensure greater participation of cross section of people for more inclusive planning and budgeting by union Parishad.


  1. At least 75% (7 nos.) of UPs are making proactive disclosure of budget related information as required by RTI and Union Parishad law;
  2. Increased capacity of representatives of 09 UPs;
  3. Social audits done in 09 selected Ups engaging community people;
  4. Social accountability practised by installing community score cards & suggestion boxes at 09 UPs;
  5. Public hearing held in each of selected 09 UPs ensuring people’s participation.

Main Activities

Organization of local community based organizations and various committees. Capacity building on and strengthening community initiatives to promote efficiency, accountability, transparency of Union Parishad budgeting and establish people’s participation in local governance system.

Sylhet district.


MJF, World Bank.