SAKTI Project

Sustainable Access to Agroforestry, Knowledge, Tecnology and Information


  • Ensure demand led and affordable quality services at community level which would contribute to the development of economic activities
  • Establish a sustainable system for strengthening the capacity of the local service provider
  • Consolidate and contributes to disseminate agro forestry knowledge


Local Service providers and their associations have improved their knowledge and skill,  Service Providers and their associations have consolidated and innovated business practices,  Linkage building with various market actors and service providers,  Special attention in crop diversification, innovation and action research.

Main Activities
Make service providing system easier to rural area based on prior demand,contribute economic activities through developing market,  Establish a sustainable service providing system to increase skills of local service provider at regional stage, contribute to help expand knowledge on agro forestry at regional level.

Sunamgonj district.


SDC and Inter-Cooperation