PHR Project

Protecting Human Rights Project.


  • Conduct advocacy for adoption and enforcement of key Domestic Violence (DV) and Human Rights (HR) legislation and policies;
  • Improve mutual understanding and effectiveness between key actors involved in reducing violence and strengthening other interwoven human rights;
  • Increase access to and willingness of survivors to seek justice through formal and informal justice systems;
  • Expend immediate and longer support to survivors of DV; and
  • Raise awareness on DV and related HR issues at the national and local levels.

Adoption of laws and policies that criminalize domestic violence and protect human rights. Increased usages of legal services by survivors, including formal and informal mechanisms (e.g. ADR). Increase public understanding and awareness of human rights and the impact of violations on vulnerable groups and on the communities. Increase awareness and knowledge of law enforcement judges, prosecutors, labor inspectors, and other GoB officials on the legal rights of vulnerable groups, through training. Improve capacity and performance of targeted key players in the fight against domestic violence and other human rights abuses. Increase availability, quality and use of social services by survivors of human rights abuses. Decrease DV & HR abuses in the targeted areas.

Main Activities
Advocacy, Capacity building, Access to justice, Survivor services, and Mass awareness and educational campaign.

Sylhet district.


USAID, Plan Bangladesh.