MITALI Project


Mobilization for Institutionalizing Transparency and Accountability in Local Institutions (MITALI)


  • Strengthened efficiency, accountability, transparency in local level government service provider institutions and re/activated those institutions through performance monitoring by stakeholders;
  •  Sensitized and strengthened civic initiatives to promote peoples participation in governance processes and practices;
  • Balanced co-relation between both demand and supply sides and established right of people to get services from local level public institutions;
  • Improve the agricultural service market where local government line departments render services to rural farmers;
  • Primary education and primary health care department are demand responsive and render quality services to people;
  • Local Public Service Provision System efficient and effectively functioning.


  •  Citizen committee (pressure groups) in union and upozila level formed and existing groups are re/activated;
  • Capacities of pressure group increased;
  • Minimized system loss and leakage in supply sides. Ensured transparent and proper selections of beneficiaries of social safety net programmes;
  • Increased coverage of safety net programmes in project areas. Ensured that the selection and disbursement system is free from nepotism, kinship and social relations with selecting authority;
  • Organized alternative community support to out of coverage but actual target people of safety net programmes.
  • Upozila level citizen committee demanded to agriculture service provider to serve producers;
  • Efficiency in production, distribution and marketing system of product improved.
  • Re/activated union level standing committees;
  • Re/activated school management committees (SMCs);
  • Increased enrolment and decreased drop out of children in primary level;
  • Efficiency and quality improved in teaching and learning systems.
  • Improved service provision in three tier health management system and efficient service providers are in stationed;
  • Mortality and morbidity in maternal and child level decreased.

Main Activities

Formation of Citizen committee in union and upozila level,  By-monthly meeting of Union citizen committee,  Quarterly meeting of Upozila citizen committee ( and with duty bearers),  Courtyard meeting of beneficiary group, Orientation of Union Citizen Committee on Roles & responsibility,  Orientation of UP and community group on Participatory Selection Process,  Dissemination of information  on Participatory Selection, List down of the actual receivers,  Orientation for selected VGD card holders,  Training need assessment,  Workshop with SMC on School development,  Quarterly meeting of SMCs,  Annual gathering of primary school guardian committee (PTAs),  Annual Campaign on Enrolment,  Public hearing,  Introducing Community Score Card,  Develop and display of Citizen Charter for FWC ( Wall Painting),  Installation of complaint/suggestion boxes in Health centers. 


Sadar Upozila in Sylhet



DFID, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)