LHDP Project


Let Her Decide and Participate.

Target: Women and adolescent girls

The project endeavours creating space for women where women will take a lead role to bring changes within their lives and leadership, transform the traditional gender roles, bring shifts in the power dynamics, develop a platform of women from local to national level associated with the women’s movement, civil society movement and government for creating wider acceptance of gender equality and ending GBV.


  • Women’s confidence increased to challenge injustice and inequalities and claim rights and entitlements and increased participation in decision making processes in formal and informal structures.
  • Developed social collective stand of women and men to challenge the incidence of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and increase sensitivity of the service providers to increase access of survivors of GBV to the justice system.
  • Women and organisational staff are clear on Women’s Transformational Leadership (WTL) (social, cultural, political and economic) and agree to promote gender equality.


Jamalgonj Upozila in Sunamgonj.

February, 2013-March, 2014