JIBIKA Project


  1. To create more income and employment opportunities for sustainable development and livelihood;
  2. To improve capabilities of VDOs for institutionalization and governance;
  3. To strengthen the capacity of VDO members and LLVs to the farm based production, diversification and marketing;
  4. To develop leadership capacity of the VDO members and LLVs to access local Go/NGO services and to protect their rights.


  1. All VDOs will have appropriate management and leadership skills and tools established for better governance and sustainable growth ensuring required technical, financial and marketing support to VDO members;
  2. At least 50% of the VDOs will have registration from the concerned authorities to enjoy associated benefits of registration, e.g. operation of legitimate financial services among the members, reap benefits from government services and opportunities e.g. leasing in of Khas (vested water bodies from government) etc.
  3. VDO members will be engaged in year round farm based livelihood options;
  4. The VDO members will have increased income from their engagement into the value chains and other enterprises.

Main Activities

Village Development Organization (VDO) assessment and baseline study, prepare community development communication materials, VDO governance boot camp, Capacity of Local Level Vendors (LLVs) for better business skills and competitiveness in the market linking up with the VDOs, implement community awareness and development activities with the VDOs- health, sanitation, hygiene, women empowerment, disaster preparedness, climate resilience etc.

Sylhet & Hobiganj district.


BRAC, Chevron.