Humanitarian Capacity Building

Target: IDEA and its Staff

The goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of Oxfam’s strategically selected partner organizations in Bangladesh to respond to emergencies in an effective, timely and appropriate manner, with emphasis on the needs of women and other socially excluded groups. Institute of Development Affairs (IDEA) has been the partner of Oxfam Humanitarian Capacity Building Project since July 2012. Since then IDEA participated a number of capacity building events alongside implementing budgetary activities.

Objective :

To contribute to measurable improvements in the living conditions of disaster affected populations in Bangladesh by ensuring effective and efficient humanitarian response to the particular needs of women, men, children and other socially excluded marginalized and vulnerable groups.


  • Develop IDEA’s capacity building framework
  • Develop Emergency policy of IDEA
  • Capacity building training for staff
  • Orientation at organization level on Women’s Rights and Transformational Leadership
  • Review of HR policy to incorporate affirmative actions for promoting women’s leadership
  • Formation of Women’s Club in IDEA & conduct meeting with the members
  • Web-based interactive humanitarian learning portal
  • Day observance : IDDR 2012,  NDDP 2013



July, 2012-June, 2014