Entrepreneurship Development Program.


  • To create alternative opportunities of income and employment for poor and disadvantaged people, particularly women living in remote rural and slum areas
  • To develop capacity of women and help empower them socio-economically
  • To significantly reduce poverty among primary stakeholders living in remote and urban area.

Socio-economic development through group practice in income generating activities, develop group leaderships, preventing anti-social activities, greater unity by combining primary groups, develop a culture of regular savings.

Main Activities

Fishing and fish selling, Grocery shop business, Barbershop business, Rickshaw, Tea stall business, Dried fish business, Cattle fattening, Stationary shop, Rice trading, Handicrafts production and sale, Duck and poultry farming, Tailoring shop, Vegetable production and shop, Renting in ferry and market, Hawking business.

Sunamgonj and Sylhet district.


Group members’ savings and money generated by IDEA from its own enterprises.