Community Driven Green Initiatives


  • To help Chevron’s neighbor community in Bibiyana in order to have a long-term and sustainable livelihood options through  organic based high yielding fruit, vegetable, timber, medicinal plant, agricultural cash crops and fresh-water fish culture
  • To aware local farmers and  growers on the harmful consequences of using various insecticides, chemical fertilizer and food preservatives
  • To establish a sustainable community based green movement in selected villages
  • To form Self-help Group/Village Development Groups (SGHs/VDOs) within the vulnerable target communities around the Bibiyana Gas Plant area in order to establish community-driven development


  • Targeted beneficiaries have increased their income at-least 20% at the end of the project.
  • Services replicated to another 100 households with the support of “community based green movement group” at the beginning of year two.
  • Impact created to local farmers and at least 10%  farmers are using organic fertilizers.
  • At least four success/best practice stories are published/year.
  • Kitchen garbage, cow dung, poultry and duck blisters are not polluting environment rather useful raw materials in organic farming.
  • Organic farming is adopted as a new culture.

Main Activities
Sustainable agriculture based economic development through community based green movement in selected villages around Bibiyana gas plant and Bibiyana Expansion project area, Chevron Bangladesh.

Bibiyana gas plant area, Nabiganj Upazila under Habiganj District, North-east Bangladesh

2013-March 2015

Chevron Bangladesh