CBAECA Project

Community Based Adaptation in the Ecologically Critical Area through Biodiversity and Social Protection Project.


  • To enable the broad cross-section of ECA communities to engage them in implementing conservation actions.
  • To promote sustainable climate change adaption, biodiversity conservation, alternative livelihoods at grassroots level through capacity building, empowerment of VCGs others users.

Sound and sustainable Hakaluki Haor ECA management in particular the conservation of globally significant bio-diversity, issues address regarding climate change, livelihood diversification etc. Enhanced bio-diversity conservation activates in selected locations of Hakaluki haor that is field implemented as a result of the community action plans and community commitments. Capacity of VCGs, UDMCs, ECACCs, on CC is strengthened to implement the priority intervention to CC adaption and bio-diversity conservation, identify the options for diversified alternative income sources of the communities.

Main Activities
Capacity building of village conservation group (VCG), VCG meeting, Union ECA meeting, Courtyard meeting, Established Bird & Fish sanctuaries, Alternative livelihood Support, Natural swamp forest restoration, Folk song, Day Observation, School Art Competition, Improved cook stove distribution, Training on Leadership and book of accounts, establish agricultural demo-plot, registration of VCGs.

Golapgonj, Sylhet district.