Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)

Major objectives of CAMPE are to:

  1. Increase awareness of people of all classes about the importance of popular education in terms of literacy, democracy, human rights, gender, and environment.
  2. Establish and promote a nation-wide network and coalition of NGOs and civil society to achieve Education for All (EFA).
  3. Facilitate the process of achieving MDG.
  4. Advocate and lobby to enhance NGO participation in educational policy making and other national and international educational activities/ issues.
  5. Promote and support education programs focusing on early childhood care and development, formal and non-formal primary education, adolescent education, adult literacy, continuing education and inclusive education.
  6. Strengthen, supplement and complement the primary and mass education programs (both formal and non-formal) of government providing networking, liaison, coordination and facilitation services and technical assistance.
  7. Strengthen capacity of partner NGOs through providing technical assistance and other support services.

Main Activities Implemented by IDEA

Meeting on implementation of the 2010 National Education Policy, day observance like International Literacy Day, World Teachers’ Day, opinion sharing meeting aiming to Education for All, courtyard meeting emphasizing on importance of education and enrollment in primary education, implementation of Right to Information Act to ensure education for all.


Sylhet & Sunamganj.