Reducing Child Labour for a Better Future (RCLBF)


1. To withdraw child engagement in hazardous labor through integrated multi-stakeholder (parents, job provider, local authority) participation and action.
2. To increase access to competency-based basic education for child labor
3. To strenthensocial movement for policy enforcement &policy advocacy along with relevant actors through networking and allience building.


1. Members of coalition (CSOs) and staff of project are capacitated, motivated and proactive for implementation of project.
2. Create awareness and develop attitude among LGIs, SMCs, media, youth, civil actors CSOs, CBOs and other of child rights as outlined in UNCRC and help establish the environment of child rights.
3. Mass awareness creation on hazardous child labour elimination and ensuring child rights.
4. Employers of working children are agreed and release children with incentives for education
5. Enrolled Working children from employed places to formal, non-formal education and vocational institutions.
6. Sustainably developed objectives of this project.


Identified target groups and beneficiary, Training for CSOs in Habiganj on human rights, child rights and labour law, Child Labour Elimination Surveillance Committee (CLESC) formation and orientation, Orientation/training for CLESC on child rights outlined in UNCRC, Quarterly meeting of CLESC, Meeting with SMC members, Workshop with media and youth groups,Workshop with CSOs and CBOs, Develop and promote a group of cultural Human Rights Defenders, School based campaign on child rights and child labour, Cultural Program and street drama, Form and promote students human right defenders in 3 upazila, Meeting with Vocational, formal and private institutes, One to one meeting with guardians, Meeting /Workshop with Formal and non-formal education authority & schools/centers managers (GOs and CSOs)

Hobiganj District

October 2017 to January 2020