Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Bangladesh



  • Village women are pro-active in seeking information in service provider’s offices usinDristric Level Inseption ADC jenaral was preseant Cheifguestg the application form. A sustainable system has developed in communities as result of earlier and activities intended to implement this phase of the project.
  • A culture of information gathering and sharing by the students, youth, teachers, PTA, religious leaders, SMCs’ members in community enhanced.
  • Local government functionaries and service providing department personnel provide information and pro-actively disseminate information to their constituencies.
  • Mass people are aware about the RTI Act and its importance in development especially for development of socio-economic situation of women.
  • Local Government Institutions’ (LGIs’) female members are more active in performing their roles in LGIs and in community.
  • Policies, strategies and cultural environment for women are improved to exercise RTI.



  1. To develop people awareness & to bring Women access to information this project implementing different activity like Courtyard meeting, consultation meeting, awareness campaign, day observance, citizen chartered, billboard & Audio broadcasting through Bangladesh with targeted community like CS0, youth, students, religious leader, Teacher and government representative through Right to information act.
  2. To increase capacity of targeted community this project has been implementing several activities. Training, orientation, regular meeting and follow up meeting are implementing with selected youth and teacher CSOs, SMC, PTA and local government representatives.
  3. This project has been sharing about citizen services of Bangladesh government; and also helping women to claim their rights and services using right to information act.
  4. To cover mass people awareness this project has taken initiative to RTI Act through media campaign billboard and audio commercial broadcasting through Bangladesh Betar.
  5. The CSOs and Social leaders have been sensitizing. The government authority, youth and teacher capacity has been increasing. Women and youth are sensitizing on Right to Information act.



Sylhet Sadar Upazila, Jaintapur Upazila, Dakkin Surma Upazila, Osmaninagar Upazila & Biswanath Upazila


April 2017 to February 2022


Carter Center/USAID