IDEA and WaterAid Bangladesh (WAB) have mutually agreed to facilitate the Horizontal Learning Programme (HLP) at Bramanbaria sadar upazila of Bramanbaria District. HLP is an outcome-based peer learning process supported by NILG what will enable Local Government Institutions (LGIs) to identify their good practices, share, summarize, analyze, adapt, and replicate these with their own funds. Apart from these, several follow-up events including validation workshop and exposure visits were done to support at the same location by IDEA and WAB. The project had implemented from 1st March 2020 to 30 June 2020.


Institutionalize Horizontal Leaning for LGIs; i.e., to increase the capacity of NILG and LGD to review and adopt relevant local government good practices, rules, policies and acts based on the grassroots learning from horizontal learning.

Ensure quality assurance of horizontal learning; i.e., to monitor the enhanced capacities of LGIs for ensuring the delivery of quality public services and good governance to all, with a particular focus on poor and disadvantaged women and men.

Review and update National Basic Capacity Building Program for Union Parishads and gradually for all the tiers of LGIs.


Donor : Bangladesh Government through WaterAid Bangladesh

Duration : 2020-2022