community representatives of Tentli Union Parishad. Interface meeting is the ultimate platform where service provider and receiver comes face to face interaction for constructing an effective action plan to improve service quality.People from 9 wards of Tentli Union Parishad were took part in the meeting. Around, 120 participants participated proactively where 65 were female participants. It is mentionable that, findings of UP FGD as well as FGD with service provider were shared with the participants which facilitated by respective community members and UP representative.

An open discussion session has taken place and respective community placed their questions and demands in front of the UP representatives which include UP’s initiative on women empowerment, health, education, agriculture and human resource development regarding to LGSP-2 grants. The open discussion urged on participatory ward shova and open budget session through ensuring women participation. In response to the demands respective UP chairman confront their taken initiatives and future plan of UP. It is noteworthy that, through this interface meeting an action plan has been developed in consultation between service provider and service receiver where a time frame has been allocated for the implementation of recommendations as well as identified the responsible authority to follow up. Mr. Usman Ali, Chairman, Tentli Union Parishad, presided over the meeting where Mr. Sarwar Alam, President, respective community support group graced the meeting as special guest. Beside this, respective UP members, Teachers, Students and Journalists also were participated proactively during the session.

It’s being noted that, IDEA-SEBA project is being implementing at 9 UPs of Dakshin Surma Upazilla with a view to ensure effective and responsive implementation of schemes by Union Parishads under their budget of LGSP-2 towards satisfying community needs leading to increased satisfaction and benefits of the community people.