Project Title: Win with Peace Project (শান্তি জিতলে জিতবে দেশ)


Background of the project:

The win with peace project has implemented in sixteen Upazila of Sylhet Sunamganj and Habiganj District. This project covers 07 constituency of three district under Sylhet Division. The key stakeholder of the project is political leader, government official, civil society, Voter, Journalist and youth. Before last national election IDEA has started this project with the support of Democracy International to promote peace, tolerance & coexistence among political persons, civil society and youth. This project implemented a series of dialogue, workshops and awareness events in three district of Sylhet divisions.


Coverage of the campaign:

The Win with Peace Project has implemented in 16 Upazila of three district Under Sylhet Division. According to the parliamentary constituency this project has covered 07 constituency in Sylhet Division. Seven Upazila in Sylhet District, Five Upazila in Habiganj District and Four Upazila in Sunamganj District.


Objectives of this project:

The main objective of this project is to strengthening community resistance to political violence before upcoming national parliament election; Increase issue based dialogue and networking between communities and political parties and candidates before coming national parliamentary election. Increase community based post-election dialogues and networking between communities and political parties to support a peaceful political transition and produce monthly strategic analysis of local political landscape.


Working strategies:

Keeping this objective in ahead IDEA has conducted different level activities like dialogue with multiparty political activist, awareness building event to countering violence and increasing political coexistence tolerance and people awareness in public services through mobilizing political persons, voter, youth, civil society representatives and Journalist, CSO, teachers, students, & women leaders.



People understanding has develop on political practices and political persons are becoming aware on political violence. People raising their voice against political violence & social issues.

Donor: USAID through Democracy International

Duration: November 2018 May 2019