Institute of Development Affairs (IDEA) has recently undertaken the Sylhet Student & Police Engagement-Student Leadership Development Workshops project to implement in Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP), supported by USAID’s Obirodh: Road to Tolerance Program. The program will entail 6 workshops each in three selected universities/college in Sylhet and other relevant activities. Participants will include both students from the selected institutions and nominated Police members from Sylhet metropolitan Police (SMP).

The need for such an intervention has stemmed from the necessity to develop a mutually respectful partnership between police and the communities they serve to identify and address the root causes of instability and violence in our society. It is a known fact that social change is driven by the youth of a country. An effective way of preventing negative ideologies among the youth is for young people/students to learn to work with the police to promote a peaceful society. At the end of the program each participant will attain a leadership certificate.

Program Objectives:

To conduct a series of workshops to enhance relationship between the student and the Police of Sylhet as well as increase the leadership capacity and good citizenship of university/College students in Sylhet. Also, to empower the young students to promote tolerance by increasing knowledge about the contemporary social issues and community resiliency, leadership; patriotism, international relationship and interfaith dialogue, communication skills, interpersonal skills, Critical thinking &decision-making skills, networking skills, etc.


Program Activities:

A baseline survey will be undertaken under the Program with the objective to understand the perception of the people-police relationship, finding out the issues affecting this relationship and ascertain what courses of action could be implemented.

The Program will include 04 initial Focus Groups Discussions or FGDs(03with students and 01 with Police) to collect opinion and views of students and police members on relationships between students and police, to assess knowledge of the participants about the importance of peace and social harmony and to identify potential participants, etc.; similarly 04 post-FGDs will be conducted to help evaluate the impact of the program; 06 Workshops to enhance student and police engagement and to train on leadership and good citizenship and communication skills; to promote tolerance by increasing knowledge about the contemporary social issues and community resiliency. 04Campus based activities to generate dialogue and disseminate knowledge among all participants, faculties and other officials with per institute.A total of 18 workshops of 12Campus based programs will be conducted with three university/college. Other supporting activities will include peer learning, Outreach event in the community, registration and face to face interview to select the students; and daily short surveys to measure the participants’ viewpoint.


Program Duration:
Total 12 Months (01January 2019 to 31December 2019)