Campaign for Peace and Tolerance through Community Initiatives

Clean Habiganj & Green Habiganj


Background of the project:

The Institute of Development Affairs (IDEA) is a national level Non-Government Organization (NGO).  Since November 2019 IDEA implementing a social awareness campaign titled “Clean Habiganj & Green Habiganj” Campaign for Peace and Tolerance through Community Initiatives supported by Democracy International under Supporting Peaceful Election Project (SPE) financed by U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL). The Project is being implemented from November 2019 to January 2020 in Habiganj municipality under Habiganj District.

Coverage of the campaign:

The campaign has developed to work with district level political leaders and Civil Society youth and Journalist and so that this campaign has started based on Habiganj Paurashova. As recommendation of community representative we selected two wards to accomplish the campaign activities.

Objectives of this project:

The main objective of this campaign project is to create a common platform for the peaceful coexistence and tolerance among political practice and social development.  Political persons, youth, government authority, civil society Students, teachers, local elites are also being mobilized to work together for promote peaceful coexistence & tolerance in political practices and social issues.

Working strategies:

Keeping this objective in ahead IDEA has conducted different level activities and awareness building event for increasing people awareness in waste management through mobilizing political persons, youth, civil society representatives, Journalist, CSO, teachers, students, women leaders.    

To achieved the project goal and objective IDEA has organized different activities like inception, Advocacy team formation, orientation & planning, Awareness raising event, cleaning drive with youth, Networking & resource mobilizing & sharing lesson learned. Each activity has implemented through mobilizing political person, civil society, government authority and youth.


Before implementation this campaign project there has no any platform of political persons, civil society, youth to sharing and sitting together for social issues. This campaign has made changes among political persons to develop coexistence and tolerance on social development issues and Community people are getting platform to share issues & demand and got a tunnel to come out form a cruel political society.

Financial supported by: USAID & Democracy International

Duration: November 2019 to February 2020