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Livelihoods Promotion for Development of Poor Project.


Climate change and disaster resilient agricultural and non-farm livelihoods options practiced among 1800 HHs by 2015. Enhanced self employment with increased productivity and market link emphasizing women producers/ leadership. Improved quality of life for 800 households. Enhanced quality of education in 52 schools. 2000 HHs adopted preparedness measure on disaster. 5 UDMCs of 5 Unions, 5 LGIs (Health, Education, Agriculture, WatSan and Violence and Against Women – Standing Committee) are functional. Community people are aware and have access to information and supportive on/to disaster and Climate Change risks and mitigation measure. Community developed plan on DRR and CCA at 52 villages. Increased Institutional & organizational capacity of CBOs. CBOs linked with GoB and other agencies. Empowered CBOs to claim rights and access to public services.

Main Activities
Multiplication of paddy seeds of BR45 and other tested early varieties, Crop diversity practices (summer and winter vegetables, wheat, cassava, Apple kul, Drum seeder, Amrapali etc.), form CBOs and apex bodies of CBOs, Kitchen gardening, Plantation of fruit trees, Backyard poultry and duck rearing, Fish farming, Cultivation in kashland (ie., kanda).

Sunamgonj district.


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