IDEA- SDCShomoshti Project



  1. 45,000 rural households (70% poor, 40% disadvantaged and 30% women) use improved technical and available social services;
  2. Private and public providers offer improved services to at least 22,500 rural households engaged in agriculture and cottage industries which are affordable and relevant to the poor and disadvantaged;
  3. Issues of equitable access to resources and markets and social services raised by rural households and private service providers have been addressed by local government institutions and in government policies, rules and regulations.



  1. Rural households ( poor, disadvantaged and women) use improved market and social services;
  2. Public and private service providers are more responsive to the business and social needs of the poor, disadvantaged and women.



Identify existing producer groups, Identified group validation at community, producers identification, group reformation, non-producers but beneficiary identification, Conduct WBA sessions, Prepare Community Action Plan (CAP), Conduct Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) sessions, Conduct Participatory Poverty Analysis (PPA) at Community, Community introduced/linked with social services , Potential LSP Identify and prepared list, Potential SCAs identify at community and prepared list, orientation session organized with LSPs and SCAs, day observation.


Sylhet, Moulvibazar and Hobiganj District


November 2016 to December 2019


CARE Bangladesh