To improve the socio-economic condition of the target communities( primarily land owners and vulnerable groups) living in these three Unions through alternative options.

Informal alliance, network and familiarity among all sectors led ALP, Participation community in decision making, Safe construction technologies, preparedness related awareness, Locally service provider developed, veterinary and fruit trees grown, System in VDOs developed and established, On farm production skills improved, Skills on duck husbandry, pond fish culture, poultry farming, beef fattening, goat rearing, Business management developed, Self employment and income generated, Technical, financial need and material demand for on-farm enterprise fulfilled.

Main Activities
Establish Community Resource Centre (CRC)/library, Training on disaster (earthquake), Development of local service provider: Para vet, Management and leadership training for VDO leaders, Accounts management training, Training on duck farming, poultry farming, beef fattening, goat rearing, micro and small enterprise /business development, mobile repairing, welding and drilling.

Hobigonj district.


Chevron Bangladesh