Disability Support Program (DSP) is one of the programs of IDEA running since 1997. This project is funded by CDD to assist the people with different kinds disabilities in Sylhet region to rehabilitate them in the mainstream society by supporting in understanding their equals rights to access relevant mainstream services. Under DSP in supervision of CDD, IDEA is dedicated to enhance and uplift the transaction skills of the clients with disabilities by providing them a number of incomes generating training etc. to make them self –reliant.



To improve effective service delivery and referral mechanism through ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to promote and involve them in social and economic activities in mainstream communities within the project working areas.


100 Differently Abled Persons (DAPs) received assistive devices, engagement of DAPs in income generating activities, increased social interaction and participation.


Identifying DAP in project area, Social mobilization and training for capacity building on life skills of DAP, Orientation on human rights & Act on Disability, mass awareness program on disability issue and day observance, Training on Utilization of Local Resources for developing Assistive Devices. 


Sylhet Sadar Upazila



April 2014 to September 2017


CDD & Lighst for the World