A society is free from discrimination and exploitation, where every citizen has equal opportunity and dignity.


IDEA work with the poor and disadvantaged people in order:

  • to establish and claim their rights as citizen;
  • to build their capacity and confidence for alleviation of poverty, socio-economic-cultural development and resilience to withstand in adverse situation;
  • to promote good governance among local institutions, access to resources and service necessary to fulfill decent lives.


  • Provision of equal access and opportunities to social services among the members of the community by promoting good standard of education to children and adults and work on the establishment of research and training institute.
  • Women and gender equity and empowerment through advocacy work, popular education and awareness raising activities on environment and nature conservation, gender sensitivity and reproductive rights, cause and effect of HIV/AIDS as integral part and cross cutting theme of the institution.
  • Provision of health care services for women, adolescent and children, propagate the use of preventive measure and alternative medicines and establish community based health service system.
  • Strengthen the peoples movement, complementary/supplementary services on poverty alleviation and improvement of the standard of living through income diversification and livelihoods enhancement
  • Building local leaders potential on advocacy, lobby work and good governance and train them for the involvement as policy makers at the local government levels and establishing people’s organization.
  • Networking and alliance with other actors on issues i.e.  livelihood, environment, climate change, disaster and common property resources, etc.