• Non-formal Primary Education Programme (NFPE)
  • Education for adolescent girls
  • Community Resource Center (CRC)

 Women Development

  • Income and employment generation
  • Socio-legal and cultural development
  • Skills and entrepreneurships development
  • Adolescent girls development

Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

  • Community based disaster preparedness and flood response
  • Networking on community disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation
  • Flood relief and rehabilitation with WatSan and housing
  • Social mobilization for risk reduction
  • Introduction and dissemination of early variety of rice
  • Infrastructure development for risk reduction
  • Social mobilization

Environment Protection

  • Wetland biodiversity conservation
  • Improved stoves and household energy
  • Methodology for participatory assessment in indoor air pollution and improved cook stoves dissemination
  • Ecological agriculture and integrated pest management
  • Social and wetland forestry


  • Community based health care, establish trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and Rural Paramedics
  • WatSan system development
  • Community health education, awareness and referral
  • Supplementary food for pregnant and lactating mothers and children


  • Household based production and use of homestead lands and water bodies
  • Land use and production of field crops
  • Skill development and self employment
  • Access to market and explore marketing
  • Livestock, fishery, poultry and duck husbandry


  • Participation of women and poor in local government administration
  • Formation and capacity development for community based organization (CBOs)
  • Networking with other GO, NGO, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and private sector stakeholders
  • Lobbying and advocacy on different contemporary issues