Mr. Nazmul Haque EC Member Secretary of idea

It is with this pride and appreciation for our courageous and dedicated staff, development partners and well-wishers that we share the IDEA Annual Report 2020. While there were lots of discussions about COVID 19 challenges for the national economy, there is little talk about how the current crisis is impacting the non-profits sectors. We being witnessed in the year 2020 that CSOs have declined across the country, the unprecedented situation forced many non-profit organizations to close their doors. To cope with the situation, IDEA focused on mobilization of existing resources, close communication with development partners using digital technologies and innovation.

Despite of many hurdles, there was a historical achievement of IDEA that we procured and moved to our own campus at Shahjalal Upashahar in Sylhet City. This move lifts IDEA towards sustainability. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our executive committee members, development partners, stakeholders, well-wishers and staff members for all their valuable contribution.

Activities implemented during 2020 are discussed briefly in this report. Details of our work done can be learnt from discussion with our dedicated staff involved in community level development intervention. Any comment and suggestion for improvement of our performance will be highly appreciated.


Nazmul Haque
Executive Director