Institute of Development Affairs (IDEA) was formed by a group of likeminded activist in 1993. It has started project activities with the help of foreign donors since 1996. Central support office of IDEA is based in Sylhet city while it has branches to operate field activities and established partnership with other NGOs in different corners of Sylhet division. It has been implementing projects/ programme through its partners in Brahmanbaria and Kishoregonj district. IDEA has been implementing multidimensional activities targeted to develop people living in different underserved areas.

Implementation Approaches

  • Expansion
  • Integration
  • Intensification
  • Networking and Resource Mobilization
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Awareness Raising
  • Innovation
  • Partnering

Key Areas of Expertise

Capacity Building, Climate Change Adaptation, Community Development, Disability, Disaster Risk Reduction, Education, Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Issues, Food Security, Health, Human Rights, Hygiene/ Hygiene Promotion, Micro Finance, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Good Governance, Election Monitoring and Voter Education.

Management of IDEA

IDEA’s highest policy making body is the General Committee composed of 21 members. It has its Executive Committee (EC) composed of 7 members. The elected members of the EC have the responsibility to take charge of the overall organizational direction. Staff members of IDEA work under the leadership of its Executive Director.

Legal Entity

IDEA is registered with the Department of Social services (Reg. no. Syl-357) and NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. no. 1039), GOB. IDEA is also registered with EuropeAid/PADOR, DUNS, N-CAGE and SAM.